Oxbow bend of the Snake River, Grand Teton NP c.M.Matsuda2006
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Favorite Links

West Yellowstone Fly Shop
Justin Spence is one of my talented
friends that followed his dreams.  He
runs a fly fishing shop and guide
service that covers Yellowstone and
Western Montana and Argentina.  They
stress conservation and a giving back

Fish Eye Guy Photography
Outstanding underwater and above
water fine art photography.  
Multi-talented Pat Clayton captures it
all.  Check it out.

Derek DeYoung Studio
A fish art tour de force.  Endless
amazing art.  Keep watching Derek's
work - it's exciting, bold, powerful.  

DG House Art
One of the most talented, kind and
generous artist mentors to me.  Please
check out Dg's art.  Her art is superb.

Dan Stebbins Photography
Dan and I work together as rangers in
Yellowstone.  His wildlife photography
is amazing.  He is out in the field at all
hours to catch incredible animal
behavior, and he is one of the funniest
people I know.  

Yellowstone Troutfitter
Mike is one of our most passionate
speakers of the wild.  If you would like
to fly fish in the Greater Yellowstone
Ecosystem, check out Mike's site.   

Wild Hare Photos
Beautiful photos of the Greater
Yellowstone, by photographer and
writer, Hobie Hare.  Hobie and I worked
together in Yellowstone.

Publications where you can see
my illustrations:

Outside Bozeman ~
Southwest Montana's Outdoor
This is a photo I took in the fall in Grand Teton
National Park, along the Oxbow Bend of the Snake
River, Wyoming.
Copyright Mimi Matsuda
Yellowstone to Yukon
Conservation Initiative
Informative source for the big-picture that we
are working to take care of.

April Christofferson, Author
Intelligent, timely novels written by an
author who is in touch with the hot topics of
the West and beyond.

Great Guide Books from
Authors I know:

Yellowstone Day Hikes
by Ranger/Authors Carol Shively Anderson
and Roger Anderson.
I use this book and it has saved my bacon.
Available at the Store link on

Old Faithful Inn
by Karen Wildung Reinhart and Jeff Henry.
I treasure this book that unveils all the magic
stories of the most famous jewel of the
National Park Lodges.  Karen and I have
worked together in Yellowstone for nearly a

A Guide To The Trails of Grand Teton
National Park
by Katy Duffy and Darwin Wile.
I explored every trail in this book over the
last decade.  It works!  
Available at Grand Teton Association site
Why yes, it is a donut! And I ate it :) The southern end of the Teton Range is behind us. This donut is from The Colter Bay General Store.  They bake them onsite.  Best donut I've ever had.
Mimi Matsuda
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